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Etroro – A Review of the Social Trading and Networking Platform 5

Etoro is a trading platform with a twist, it takes a social networking approach to trading and investing.Through the power of social trading, Etoro links traders from all over the world into one big network and encourages traders to use each other’s skills to trade smarter together. As seen from the a trading platform, Etoro offers the unique benefit for beginner traders to see what other traders are doing, learning from them by reading their analysis or simply ‘copying them.’ As Etoro grows in popularity I have decided to write a review on this growing social trading and investing platform. Etoro at a glance Assets classes you can invest in: […]

JustPark – A review of making and saving money on parking spaces 3

Parking. Modern civilisations biggest problem. You spend more time looking for a parking spot than browsing the shops. Is the hassle really worth it? I always thought the problem of parking will get worse as time goes by. But JustParks innovative idea has led me to question this ideology and in fact cause me to think this trend will reverse as car users more efficiently make use of car parks. JustPark has looked at a problem that is faced by highly urbanized cities (across the globe) and has found a commercially viable way to solve this problem. It is an idea that I truly believe in.   At a glance […]

Stocks that Neil Woodford is Buying and Selling

Neil Woodford is arguably the best British fund manager of this generation. In his last job managing the Invesco Perpetual fund he managed to deliver an average of 9% a year over 25 years – a remarkable feat. Neil Woodford left his job at Invesco to start up his own fund company. His Woodford Equity Income fund which started operating in June 2014 has delivered a staggering return of 19.6% for the full year. In comparison, the average UK equity company had returned 9.3%, while the FTSE All Share index was up 6.5%. With Neil Woodford, his reputation is backed up by strong annual returns year after year as seen […]

5 tips to scoring a raise at work!

According to recent Guardian article, wage growth in the UK has finally started to pick up again. This is a change to the anaemic wage growth seen since the financial crises where rates were stuck in neutral. The average wage rate increase is now 2.7% and this is good news for the employed. What does this mean to you? It means that everyone else is getting paid more, so it’s time that you ask yourself the question, “Am I paid what I’m worth? Is now the time to get a bigger raise?” If your current boss won’t give you more money, you might benefit from testing the waters elsewhere and […]

Best Asset Class to Invest in over the Past 10 Years! 3

  There is a long standing debate centering around which asset class is best. Most people can agree on the top two asset classes – property and shares – but debate on their order i.e. which earns an investor higher returns. Below is a table I have created to show the performance of 5 different asset classes from 2004 – 2013.     As we can see from the above, Equities or shares have produced the best returns over the past 10 years. This conforms to the view that Equities produce the highest returns as they are the most risky asset class.     But it is interesting to note […]

Warren Buffett on Economic Moats 6

  Warren Buffett consistently emphasises that he wants to buy businesses with prospects for sustainable value creation. He suggests that buying a business is like buying a castle surrounded by a moat and that he wants the moat to be deep and wide to fend off all competition. Economic moats are almost never stable. Because of competition, they are getting a little bit wider or narrower every day. Companies and investors use competitive strategy analysis for two very different purposes. Companies try to generate returns above the cost of capital, while investors try to anticipate revisions in expectations for financial performance. If a company’s share price already captures its prospects […]

Degiro – A Review of UKs Cheapest Investing Platform 5

Many people living in Britain complain that they are charged a far higher price for products and services than their friends living abroad.They call it rip off Britain – and for the right reason too. The trading and investments industry is not immune to this high British pricing as well For too long investors in the UK have paid high commissions to buy and sell stocks. The current prominent platforms charge a range of fees from the premiums of Hagreaves Lansdown and Barclays Stockbrokers which charge £11.95 a trade to the execution only brokers like XO and iWeb which charge £5.95 and £5 commission per trade. Many of the current […]

Misconceptions of the Rich – Story of Adam Khoo 2

Many people have this misconception that in order to be rich or wealthy you need to  drive the priciest cars, fly first class and wear expensive clothes – in short you need to live an extravagant lifestyle. But reality proves that millionaires don’t live a flashy lifestyle and instead are very frugal/economical. Research presented in the best selling book, The Millionaire Next Door, shows that the most wealthy people are actually quite frugal. They do not live in big mansions or have the latest cars. This is a distorted image that has been created by televisions. Wealthy people are in fact very thrifty and only spend money when their is a need to. […]

When Investing Goes Bad – Story of GTAT 7

Ask anyone and they will tell you that investing is the key to building wealth. Investing leverages your time by making your money work hard for you. Through the power of investing, you can compound your returns over time and live a life of financial freedom. Whilst many people talk about the upside of investing (they are many), not many talk about the downside to investing. Yes there is a downside. When the process of investing is not done correctly, by not doing your own thorough research, you can actually lose money. And if greed kicks in, you can lose your entire life savings. This is exactly what happened to […]

How Airbnb Can Help You Pay Off Your Mortgage 6

Airbnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations. The website essentially allows you to rent out your home or room in your home as and when you please. This is similar to what rental management companies do, giving you the opportunity to make money from renting out your home. The advantage of this is that you can rent out a room just on the weekend as opposed to having a full time live in lodger. The Airbnb revolution has led to people all over the world abandoning over-priced and unappealing hotels in favour of smaller and more […]