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What is Causing Deflation? And the Best Stocks for Deflation.

The threat of deflation has been in the news recently. Many analysts fear that deflation could take the global economy off the road of recovery and plunge it back into the depth of a depression. And rightly so. Deflation has the effect of making consumers hold on to their money rather than spend it and this could lead to a reduction in aggregate demand in the economy. Putting it simply, whilst deflation may be good for individuals, it is bad for the overall economy. Whilst many articles online have gone on to say why deflation may lead to a doom situation, not many have tackled the question as to why […]

Property Moose – A review of the new property crowdfunding platform. 9

Property Moose is part of the new breed of property investment companies. The type that allows small investors with little capital, minimal knowledge of the property sector or lack of time to become a property investor (landlord). It is a company that is built around the idea that the everyday person, like you and I, can become a property investor. So you might ask how it is able to do this – through the power of crowd funding. (Read my article here on different types of crowdfunding to get a better understanding of what crowdfunding is).   What Is Property Moose? Property Moose is an online crowd funding website that […]