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How prepared are you about the future?

For some, thinking about the future can be very daunting whilst for others it could be exciting. Your view of the future is very much based on how stable you are today. And this is true for your financial future as well. People living from paycheck to paycheck or those with minimal savings are very pessimistic about their financial future whilst those regularly investing via ISAs and other means are normally optimistic. If you are not in a stable place today, you should not worry to much. This is because you have the ability to change your own future! By learning how to Earn, Save and Invest money, you could […]

Property Partner Review – Invest in Property via Crowdfunding. 2

Property Partner is one of a number of recently launched property crowd funding platforms. Here, I give a review of the website and analyse what the Property Partner platform has to offer. What Is Property Partner? Property Partner is an online crowd funding website that allows everyday people like you and I to invest in property. In the simplest of terms, Property Partner gathers money from a range of people and invests these funds in actual physical property. Property Partner allows people with as little as £50 o invest in the property market. The houses are bought outright using funds collected form ‘the crowd’ (investors). Each investor is then considered […]

Investyourway Review – The robo-advisor with flexibility 2

There is a growing trend towards index investing. Many people are giving up on actively managed funds due to their high fees and underperformance. Index investing has proved to deliver higher returns than actively managed funds over the long term. But the problems average investors face is allocating how much weight to invest in different indexes – the problem of portfolio management. Investyourway aims to combat this problem by providing a highly tailored investment service to you at the fraction of the cost compared to wealth managers. Investyourway is the equivalent of wealth front or betterment in the US. Investyourway is a part of the new breed of robo-advisors which […]

The Number 1 Wealth Killer ! 5

Ask any financial adviser or better yet, ask any millionaire and they will all tell you the same thing, the number one wealth killer is debt! Now not all debt is bad. There is good debt and there is bad debt. Good debt helps you acquire assets that will increase your wealth like a mortgage. Bad debt on the other hand only increases your liabilities and only leads to the destruction of wealth. Bad debt includes consumer debt and credit card debt. If your debts begin to pile up, one option that you may consider is the option of debt consolidation. Debt consolidation loans (click here for more consolidation info) […]

How To Value The Stock Market

For many who are against actively managed funds, index funds are the only game in town. Index funds have the advantage of having lower fees than active funds and have also proved to provide investors with higher returns than 95% of actively managed funds over the long-term. With index fund investing, you simply buy into an index such as the FTSE 100 or the S&P500 and hold it for the long term whilst obtaining passive income from it. Whilst index funds offer more attractive net returns to investors, it is important to buy these indexes at the right time in order to maximise returns. Whilst ‘perfect’ market timing is impossible […]

How to read books more quickly!

Education never stops. Acquiring knowledge is an ongoing process. In your quest for financial literacy, there is an endless supply of books. It is important to choose the rights books. Quality is better than quantity. But quantity is important – whatever book you read, each will teach you one lesson that you did not know before. Each book has one Big Insight or Secret. If you miss that, you miss the book. So how do you go about reading books more quickly? Here are 4 steps to follow: 1. Read the table of contents. This should give you a quick idea about the range and depth of the subject matter. […]

Should you keep your savings for retirement in cash?

If you are reading this, it means that you have already crossed one big hurdle. You have already started saving for your retirement! Well done! The next big question is: are you saving in cash or are you investing the money? A recent survey has shown that many people saving for retirement are leaving all their savings in cash. Many have become risk-averse. And I don’t blame them as many saw their shares halve in value during the financial crises. This left them with a bad taste of the stock market and has led many to stop investing altogether. Many are now keeping all their money in cash for fear […]

What do the Rich invest in? 1

The rich always seem to be playing a different ball game to the rest of us. They always seem to get richer whilst the average person feels poorer as the years go by. One reason the reasons the rich gets richer is due to their thought out spending habits which you can read about here. Another reason they increase their wealth year on year is because of the way they invest. They way the rich invest differentiates them from the rest of us — and keeps them in the black. In this article, we look at where the rich put their money. 1) Closed-end Funds – a long-term investment where money […]

Earn Money by Selling Coupons Online!

What do you do with coupons that you are not going to use? If you simply throw them away then you are making a big mistake. People are now making good money selling coupons online on sites such as ebay and you could too. Coupons have become a hot selling item. You can sell (or buy for that matter) almost any kind of coupon on ebay. This is a great way to make money off those coupons you were never going to use. And if you don’t currently have any coupons lying around, read this article to find out where you can get coupons from. Coupons are usually obtained for free […]

What’s your definition of wealth? 4

Most people go about defining wealth in the traditional way – by stating that you need to have X amount of pounds to be considered wealthy. I’m not saying that this conventional way of thinking is wrong, but I’m not saying that it is right either. Personal finance guru Robert Kiyosaki has come up with an interesting way of defining wealth. Rather than basing his definition around a fixed monetary value, he centers his definition around time. Kiyosaki compares this approach to that of renowned futurist Bucky Fuller who said wealth is “ the ability to survive X number of days forward.” Kiyosaki defines wealth by stating that “ Wealth […]