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The future is about Entrepreneurship and Not Employees 1

The idea that a job is for life is old industrial age thinking and we can see today that job security is almost nonexistent. The modern technological age will render many employees useless. We’ve already seen what the combine harvester did to jobs in farming and what automated robots have done to jobs in factories. Heck even in finance, algorithmic trading is replacing human traders. And this is just the beginning. With the ever increasing power of technology, traditional jobs will be scarce and more people will have to rely on their entrepreneurial spirit. Just read this article .The future will belong to the go-getters and those with an entrepreneurial mind. […]

10 Tips You Need to Know to Be a Successful Investor!

“I’m just trying to figure all this investing stuff out,” my friend Dan told me over the weekend. He’s just starting out and new to the world of investing “I’m paralyzed,” he stated. “I don’t know what to do. I’m reading everything… But I’m not actually doing anything with my money.” “You’re doing the right thing Dan,” I said. “Learning first – and not doing anything stupid with your money – is exactly the right thing to do.” Dan is not alone… I’m sure many people out there are in a similar situation. So today, I’m going to cover some of the important basics of successful investing. These are helpful […]

ISA Allowance Used Up? No problem, Here Are Other Ways To Help Save Tax Free! 4

As the last date (5 April) to put money into this current years ISA fast approaches, many people are scrambling to top-up their ISAs. Most advice that is available is for those people who still haven’t used up all their £15,000 ISA allowance. But what if you have used up all your allowance but still want to invest tax free. In that case, this article is for you. There are 3 other ways, apart from an ISA, that you are able to invest and shelter your money from tax: 1) Capital Gains Allowance – Many people don’t know about the capital gains allowance. With this, you can make gains of up […]

How to get paid to watch TV, eat out, go shopping and much more !

Yes, you can really make money from doing the things you love. So if you’re wondering how to make money online. Let me explain. Some businesses want nothing more than your opinion as a consumer. These businesses will pay you to simply offer your opinion on things like product designs,new food and beverages,and even TV shows – the kinds of things we indulge in on a daily basis. If you have some free time and are willing to be honest and insightful with your opinions, why not get paid for it? The people giving opinions are just regular people like you and me. They get paid – sometimes hundreds or […]

The Help To Buy ISA Explained. And where you can get it. 1

Today the chancellor introduced the new help-to-buy ISA during his budget speech. This new scheme has raised a lot of eyebrows as rather than increasing supply for housing (which is badly needed), it will increase demand (and consequently prices will go up). But the debate on whether this new scheme will bring more good than bad is for another day. Buying a home is no easy task. Having a good credit score will be essential. Visit if you are in need of some assistance in this area. Here, I will explain the help-to-buy ISA in the most simplistic of terms: In short: If you are a first time buyer, […]

Asset Classes For Different Market Conditions – Bridgewater All Weather Strategy 1

Many people wan’t to know which is the best asset class to have in different economic information. The problem is, this information is not readily available. And that which is available, may not be the most accurate. This article will look at the best asset classes to hold in different environment as stated by Bridgewater Associates.For those that don’t know, Bridgewater is one of the biggest and most successful hedge funds in America. Below is the table Bridgewater produced: From the above, we see that there are four different environments an economy can be in (from the standpoint of investing). Additionally, the best asset class to hold when each environment prevails […]

What is the best thing you can buy in March?

As the saying goes, there is a right time to buy everything… For many savers, or people who have taken on the frugal lifestyle, buying quality assets at bargain prices is the holy grail. Loopholes in industries’ annual sales cycles, consumer trends, and sales all create windows of opportunity to buy all things – from big-ticket items to groceries – at bargain prices. This article will look at the the most useful items you can commonly find on sale in March.   March is the best time to save on sports gear and winter coats as stores switch inventories to spring apparel. Major retailers on the high street can offer […]

The 4 stages of a stock market. And where we are now. 2

I was reading a very interesting article today which was written by Dr Steve Sjuggerud.This article really caught my attention as I have been thinking lately of getting out of the market (more articles to follow on this). Dr Sjuggered puts out a very fascinating theory that the stock market has four states. And knowing what state we currently are in will aid me in deciding on wether to stay in or get out of the market. According to the article, here are the four states of the stock market: Stocks are relatively cheap and are going up Stocks are expensive and are still going up. Stocks are Cheap but going […]

The House Crowd Review 18

Just over a year ago, I was introduced to The House Crowd (THC) by a friend. As I have always been interested in property investing, the House crowd got my attention from the word go. It is built around the idea that anybody could be a landlord. This idea is truly revolutionary but with many financial products or schemes, the thought of it being too good to be true was lingering on my mind. And thus I went about doing my own research and hence the reason for me doing this review. What Is The House Crowd? The House Crowd (THC) is an online crowd funding website that allows everyday […]

5 reasons why people underperform when investing

It is a well known fact that average investors seriously underperform when investing. These average investors are those people that think investing is easy and do not put enough research into investing. Their lack of knowledge is their main detriment. But what exactly leads to them underperforming? Well this article gives 5 reasons as to why most people underperform. with a bit of financial knowledge and thorough research, they will able to increase their performance levels. 1) Enter the market at the wrong time – The average person shows up when there has been a lot of news about how well an asset class has been doing. It could be […]