Make Money Online by Watching Videos 4

Here is a list of websites (and mobile applications) I would recommend you sign up to if you would like to earn money for watching videos.

1)  SwagBucks – This website is definitely a favorite of mine as it is high paying (relative to others) and it also offers an array of videos to watch. In addition to watching videos, SwagBucks allows you to earn money by playing games and undertaking surveys. The rewards you earn using this website could be traded for cash or vouchers of popular high street shops or online retailers such as Amazon.
Potential earnings : £25 a month

2) Gift Hulk – This is a great website for earning money online from watching videos, doing surveys and playing games. What’s unique about gift hulk is that it allows you to earn money by just visiting websites. There is a search function on the website (similar to google) and if you search using this then you can earn money whilst searching. (Use invite code ES837592 to get 250 Hulk coins absolutely free when signing up)
Potential earnings : £30 a month.

3)  Maximiles – This website allows you to get vouchers for watching online videos. New videos are posted to the website everyday so it is worth a regular visit.
Potential earnings : £15 a month.

4)  Gift Hunter Club – This is another such website that allows you to watch videos online for money as well as letting you earn money for entering competitions, doing polls and completing other easy tasks. Like SwagBucks , the rewards earned of this site for doing tasks listed above could be traded for cash or vouchers. in my experience, it is better value for money getting vouchers on this website. With Gift Club, you also need to earn typically around £1.20 before the website begins to pay out.
Potential earnings : £25 a mont

5)  GetJam – This mobile app allows you to earn money whilst watching videos on your phone. What’s good about this website is that it allows you to watch adverts, move trailers and game previews on the go.
Potential earnings £3 a month.

6)   Qustodian – Qustodian is an app that pays you money for watching videos on your phone. You can also earn money by looking at adverts or answering questions in your custodian inbox. The one drawback with this is they pay very little and thus it is only for patient people.
Potential earnings: £10 every 6 months.

7 Inbox Dollars – This website allows you to make money from playing games online as well as watching videos, taking surveys and doing various other tasks. The website has a wide array of ways you can make money but the pay out is not the best.
Potential Earnings: £15 a month.

8) Cash king – This is an app where you earn money from downloading and trying out free apps (including new games), completing surveys or watching videos. Get paid via PayPal or receive gift cards in return.
Potential Earnings : £15 a month

9) Get Paid to Play – This is another app that you get paid for watching video ads, download and play new games, and register on websites.
Potential Earnings : £5 a month.

The best way to maximize your earnings is to sign up to 2 or 3 websites. My suggestion is to sign up to
SwagBucks and Gift Hulk as well as one of the mobile apps listed above.

*Whilst the above are ways to make money from watching videos, you can make much more money by posting videos online.Websites like Youtube using there Youtube Partner Programe allow you to earn money depending on the amount of views you have. If you have a popular youtube show with a regular following or a one off viral video, you could end up earning thousands of pounds a month.

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