Daily Archives: December 30, 2014

10 Stock Market Secrets Brokers don’t want you to know!

With the increase in technology and the move towards algorithmic trading, stock markets all over the world have changed over the last few years. Brokers were once the linchpins of the stock market but now have been gradually replaced by quicker and cheaper computers. With the influence of brokers reducing as years go by, here are 10 secrets brokers don’t want you to know about how the stock market really works. 1) The market is run by robots, not people – These days, the vast majority of trades that are placed are not done by big asset management firms, rather they are done by computerized algorithmic traders looking to exploit […]

Get a Free Lottery Ticket! And Stand a Chance to Win £70 Each and Everyday!

Not many times in life you get things for free but this is one of those rare times. With Free Post Code Lottery all you need to do is register and put your post code in and you will be entered into a free lottery for a chance to win £70 everyday. I was skeptical of this website at first as I don’t believe that free things are truly free but this is one of those rare instances. The website does not sell any of your details to third parties. The only thing is that if you are a winner, you need to claim your prize money before the next […]

3 Habits Guaranteed To Save You Money!

Saving money from changing some of your habits is not as drastic as it may sound. Though changing a habit is not easy, continuously doing something a certain way can change an old habit. There are many habits that you could probably change to save you money but here, we look at 3 habits that are common to almost everyone and could save you the most amount of money. 1) Check Cashback Websites and Online Coupons before making purchases. One sure way of saving money is to make a habit of checking cash-back websites such as TopCashBack and QuidCo before making any purchase. These websites are super easy to use but […]