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What are Capital Gains? and Why You May Be Paying Too Much Tax! 7

Did you know that you could earn up to £26,000 from your investment income without paying a penny of tax! (or £36, 000 if you include your personal allowance of £10,000). If you didn’t, read on to find out more. Most people know that you can make tax free investments of up to £15,000 a year by making use of your ISA allowance. But what most people don’t know is that you can earn a further £11, 000 under Capital Gains before you need to start paying tax. Most people don’t know what capital gains are and this article will aid in expelling exactly what a Capital Cain is. What […]

How Everyday Macroeconomic News Affects Your Investments 1

You can’t go a day without hearing some sort of macroeconomic information on the news. And sometimes you just sit there and think, how does this affect me? Well, macroeconomic news affects any investor or any person who holds investments of some sorts. In this article, I will aim to put into plain english some of the big news you have heard in recent month and how it will potentially affect your money. In this article, I have aimed to concentrate on news coming out of both the U.S. and the U.K. as most British investors will have money invested in stock exchanges of these two nations. 1. The End […]